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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Wiggz, Oct 29, 2002.

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    I have an ethernet card which is used for my Broadband cable connection, and I will be installing a Wireless PCI card. I want to use that to allow my Laptop (which will be using a USB wireless adapter due to no pcmcia interface) to share the resources of my PC including Internet.

    How can i allow two networks to be run from my this even sure it has to be, but im not that well versed on Networks really.

    How would i go about doing this, and making sure it doesnt screw up my existing internet/network connection


    Any help appreciated

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    Two ways I can think of:
    1. If the modem is directly connected to the network card: Enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on your network card connection. Then set the laptop to aquire an IP automaticaly and you're done (if the wireless is set up correctly).
    2. If you have a router between the computer and the modem: Bridge the network card connection with the wireless connection. Laptop set to auto this time as well.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks....ICS was my thinking, but im one of these people that needs it backed up :)