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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hutchinj, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. hutchinj

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    I have a notbook and a desktop computer, we both have roadrunner and different ips on a hub. how do i see the desktops harddrive without going though the internet?
  2. relder

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    Just bind a second IP address to the network card on each computer. You could also add NWLink as a protocol and get the same results.
  3. Zedric

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    I didn't think you could do that in XP. How/where is it done? I know you can do it in linux, but thats not really the same thing.
  4. Twink

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    get into the tcp/ip properties, click advanced, and under ip address click add
  5. hutchinj

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    Thanks guys I'll try these and let you know.
  6. redsolar

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    Another IP address will be quite slow. Suggestion about NWLINK (or IPX/SPX) is good. You can also try NETBEUI, but it is no longer officially supported by Microsoft, so you will have to install it separately.
    Netbeui will be the fastest concerning data transfers, but you will not notice significant drop if you use IPX (unless you transfer gigabytes of data over the LAN) :)
  7. dejav00

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    If someone can, please explain how a second IP address would be set up.

  8. jww13

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    Dejav: Right-click on Network Places, choose Properties

    Right-click on the network connection, choose Properties

    Double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) (which will bring you to Properties)

    Click Advanced button

    In the IP Address sections, choose Add...

    That's about it! I've never done this but I just looked through it and wanted to tell ya how if you didn't know yet.