Networking Xp Home and XP Pro.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by percy, Feb 27, 2005.

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    Hi. I have a desktop, xp pro, and a notebook - wireless, xp home. They are bought connected to a router, belking 54Mbps. I had used Network Setup to setup both units to workgroup "sam". I had rebooted both of the unit but the desktop only sees itself and its shared files not any of the notebook shared files. Likewise the notebook only sees the "sam" but no other shares, even its shared folder. i had already turned off both firewalls. What could be wrong? Thanks.
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    Have you tried accessing the computer thru its name?

    eg: Start>Run> //computername or //compiter's ip
    (//michael) (//
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    Make sure the firewalls are OFF (for a test) or set up to allow LAN access. This includes the Windows built in firewall that starting in SP2 turns itself on if no other software firewalls are present.

    I've had particular troubles with Zonealarm ignoring OFF commands. I just transfered a file from my comp to the wifes working off her machine but I can not see her computer (uses zonealarm) on the network from mine.

    As another option try logging into both machines under the same user account. It shouldn't be required but this is MS we're talking about.
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    I got it. I had opened the firewall software and located an option where you get to input allowed IP addresses and that's what I did for the notebook and the desktop. It worked. Thank you for the info. :)