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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by loque, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. loque

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    hey all,
    I am trying to set up a network with 2 Xp pro computers and they will just not see each other. I am trying to use NetBeui and still nothing.... Firewalls are off, cables ok etc etc etc. They can both access the internet through the switch so that is ok. I have also tried TCP/IP and the problem is that my ISP requires that the IP be obtained automatically so I can't set the ips for the network. WIll the 'Alternate Configuration' work the same? How do I get that working? When I do set the ips manually, the internet stops working and I can ping the computers!:confused:

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. DeepBlade

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    Computer 1 has how many network cards?
    Computer 2 has how many network cards?

    try to draw out your network topology
    like mine:

    pc2 - hub - pc1 - INTERNET

    where pc 1 has 2 network cards
    LAN 1, Internet
    and pc 1 has internet connection running

    pc1 ip:, 24.x.x.x
    pc2 ip:
    pc3 ip:
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    Also, do u have a hub? or are you using a cross over cable to connect the 2 computers?
  4. loque

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    I am using a switch to connect the two

  5. loque

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    (the modem is off the switch)
  6. Zedric

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    And your ISP only gives you one IP right? In that case you're doing it all wrong. Put another card into one of the computers and turn on ICS on the "Internet" card. Have automatic IP on the other card. Then set the other computer on automatic IP.

    Or just buy a router instead of the switch...
  7. loque

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    the funny thing is that I had it working before but I had to fdisk one of the systems and since it stopped working....wierd!
  8. DeepBlade

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    you're saying it looks like this right now right:


    but instead, if u don't want to pay for an extra ip, have it setup like this:


    where pc1 will
    -have direct internet connection
    -have 2 NICs
    -have 2 ip's, 1 external ip, auto configed, the other ip will be internal ip set as (default private network ip)
    -have MS ICS server running

    and pc2 will
    -1 ip, autoconfiged
    -have MS ICS client running

    if u want your network to work the way u have it setup right now, u need to pay your internet service provider for an extra ip.

    Hope that helps
  9. loque

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    I have a 2nd account that is still active from when I moved out during the summer (an ip and MAC address that are bound together) that still works for the internet.(It was cancelled and it still works. I had a 2nd modem in the house I am in now) The problem I am having is getting the two comps to see each other for file and printer sharing. It is possible to do it this way, I had it working.... it is not working now for some odd reason. I would rather not have to have one as a server because of the family situation where I don't want my comp to be on all the time for them to surf the net. I know that a router will work but I was hoping that I could get some ideas on how to get it working without.....

    I am a pain eh?

  10. Raven76

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    The problem with the way you have it set up is that you are relying on the DHCP servers of the ISP to assign the IP addresses for both systems. If the ISP happens to give you addresses/subnets that are viewed as the same network, everything should work. If they give you IP/subnets that are seperate networks then the computers will not see each other in Network Neighborhood. What are the IP/subnets/gateways for the two computers?
  11. loque

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    comp one - ip: (not the real one)

    comp two - ip: (not real)

    subnets are

    it worked before with these addresses like this.... the isp gives you the ip based on your mac address so I could take my NIC out and bring it somewhere else with a cable modem from the same company and get a connection.
  12. Raven76

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    Those to IP's are on different subnets. With a subnet mask of the first three sections (octets) of each IP must be the same. This is only an issue when ISP's use non standard subnet masks. Which is needed sometimes for their network setup.

    In other words:

    PC1 =24.43.242.*
    PC2 =24.43.242.*


    PC1 =24.43.240.*
    PC2 =24.43.240.*

    Anything address that is does not match the subnet mask will be ignored by the PC. For the IP addresses that you have to work the subnet mask would have to be Of course the ISP controls that not you.


    you could install Netbeui on both PC's. It is a non-routable protocol that will accept any traffic from the same router segment.

    You could get a second network card and install it in one of the computers as described above. Then share out the internet connection.

    You could call your ISP and have them assign an address on the same subnet. This will only work if your paying for two PC's to use your connection. I'm guessing you might be since your not trying to hide anything by using two IP addresses.