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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scottgod, Mar 11, 2002.

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    Further to a previous. I have a problem with a basic networking system. I am running 2 pcs on xp and connected via cable. Both pcs share my cable connection through one of the pc's and configured through the xp networking wizard. It all works fine but when i reboot the system connected to my broadband. (primary pc). The network doesnt work. In network connections i have a 1394 network card (must be Audigy firewire card). The wizard disables this card and the network is ok, but on reboot the card is enabled and the network doesnt work. Disabling the card after reboot doesnt work, I have to run the wizards again.

    I use the audigy firewire for video editing so i cant disable it indefinately. I just need to take it out of the network loop.

    Any assistance appreciated.

    Cheers Scott
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    Have you disabled the firewire, by disabling it in the Device Manager? sometimes just turning it off under network connections doesn't work, so go into your device manager and disable it and if they doesn't work uninstall it from there :)