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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mavis, Jan 16, 2002.

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    hi guys!

    Venturing in here to see about my latest project: networking my XP Pro machine with a laptop running 98SE, via WLAN.

    I recently purchased a Linksys Wireless AP + Cable Router and a WLAN card for my girlfriend's laptop. Got it all set up, the router/switch as a DHCP server, my PC in the DMZ zone (for gaming) and 128 bit WEP encryption for the wireless part, everything. And, it works great! WLAN for her, and my computer is connected to the router by CAT5 (?) through my NIC.

    But now I am interested in actually connecting the two computers. Right now they just use the router for internet sharing, I guess, but they don't 'talk to each other' at all. I would like to be able to transfer files between the two, etc (using the wireless network)... What do I need to do to accomplish this? Also, the laptop is 98SE Japanese version, and I don't speak Japanese, so am I going to have a problem with it? :)

    Other things that may matter: my computer (WinXP Pro) is NOT set to use basic file sharing, both hard drives are NTFS and are set to Advanced File Sharing. Also, just out of curiousity - assuming I get it set up (I have great faith in JJB and l.a) :) - if I am using my computer, for example, playing a game or something, and my girlfriend decides to listen to some MP3's on my second hard drive, can she do that without me signing out? And, will my computer slow down while she is accessing the second drive? (assuming most of my actual applications are installed on my primary drive with Windows)...

    thanks for your help guys... hate to sound like such a n00b but I really have NO experience with networking... lol

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    ok guys, I think I got it done... Set up a user account for the laptop, shared a few folders, and voila! It worked.

    If you guys wanna delete this thread, go for it... :)

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    No need to delete this. Hopefully the next person looking for an answer on how to do this will do a search before posting and find this as their solution, or at least something to try before posting.