Networking a Win98 machine and a winXP machine

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jiggy, Apr 26, 2002.

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    hi there. I'm juts trying to install a small two comp network nothing fancy for a bit of ICS. Now I've run the network wizard on my XP machine and that's alright but after that the program tells me to run the wizard on the other machines that I want to network. I used the win XP CD-ROM ot run the wizard on the win98 machine and after it installs the initial necessary files the machine reboots after which a message comes up saying that the wizard can't complete the network because it can't detect my network hardware. I'm using a NETGEAR FA311 PCI card on my win98 machine and it was fine when it had a direct connection to the cable modem but now it can't be detected. All the latest drivers I have installed. Is theresomething with the NIC card I must do before it allows itself to be detected, free IP addresses or anything else. I'm really stumped and need some advice.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just make sure the drivers are in there and set the card to automatic IP. You shouldn't need the the wizard (allthough some really strange problems can be solved by running it).