Networking 2 computers with 2 broadband connections

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by strykerx22, Nov 12, 2002.

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    Hi I have 2 computers with WIN XP Pro on them. I also have a dsl connection for one and a cable connection for the other. What i would like to do is network them so i can transfer files back and forth and see the other computer on either one. What would be the easiest and most cost affective way to do this?
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    What specs are they, as in Network cards, etc? If you have ethernet cards in each, you can get a crossover cable, otherwise you need to get Ethernet cards... What I did was buy an ethernet hub, two cards and the cabling, works great for my two PC's, not as cost-effective though.
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    [PC.1] Intel P4 2.4 GHZ - Geforce4 Ti 4600 - 1 gig RAM - 1500 ADSL - 80 GB WD 8mb cache HD - Toshibia DVD Rom - TDK 48x burner - 19" CRT Samsung 900nf - 3com etherlink xL 10/100 PCI NIC (3c905c-tx)

    [PC.2] Intel P2 400 - voodoo3 - 256 mb ram - 40 GB HD - 10 GB HD - DVD ROM - 15 " crt monitor - linksys LNE100tx Faster Ethernet -

    Both cards as you can see have NICS/// But with both of having them broadbanc connections i wouldnt be able to do the crossover cable right? Cause the nics would be being used. So the hub would work then right?
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    second PC has 1500 / 300 cable internet
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    Well, I use an External USB modem, if the ports are being used for the net, you obviously can't use them for networks, and I don't think (Not sure though) that you can connect two Broadband connctions on a network.

    My Expertise kinda ends there, I only got my PC's networked two weeks ago and am still learning all the basics of it.
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