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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by psx2000, Aug 1, 2003.

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    Ok in hawaii I had Cable service for internet use.

    My max download speed could never go past 300KBS. If I made 2 downloads from a T-1 it would just split in half.

    Now I figured it was just hawaii so when I moved to Southern California ( Chino Hills area) I attempted again to get Broad Band cable service.

    I choose ADELPHIA and noticed the exact same problem. The max download I have is 300kbs.

    I called my provider up asking if there is anything I can do about it and they said that maybe network traffic etc.... . To me personally I doubt this because its rather odd its like that 24/7 here and in Hawaii.

    Now on to my question...

    My friend thinks because I have NORTON FIREWALL 2003 and SYSTEM WORKS 2003 that one of my settings might have capped out my connections allowed or max bandwidth .

    Could that be possible? If so where would I look to solve this problem? Any other things I can check to help solve this band width issue?
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    You cable provider caps your max download speed. If you download 2 things at once you will not go over 300Kbps. If you download 4 things at once I am sure that you will only get 75Kbps for each. It is like that with almost every provider. The only way to get faster speeds is by buying a pro service of some kind, if they offer it. Sorry bud.
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    here is the funny thing

    I also have DSL buisnuess service

    I pay $80 a month for this.

    my Dl is supposed to be 1.5 down and upload is 365 or something.

    The most I ever get on downloads is around 180 KBS and uploads around 20 kbs.

    Anyone know how much a T-1 provider goes for if the speed is really important to me? I live in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA area now. So I am willing to pay $ for a T-1 if anyone can recomend me one.
  4. Admiral Michael

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    I used Norton nternet eSecurity 2003 and noticed a speed decrease. I believe that it acts like a proxy server, monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic andmaybe be the cause.
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    Sounds to me like you're confusing bits and bytes. The specification for your connection is 1.5 Mbit/s down, 384 kbit/s up. That will enable you to download in 1500/8 ~= 190 kbyte/s. So 180 kbyte/s is pretty good.