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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JonSton, Feb 6, 2003.

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    Hi guys and girls,

    Im currently rolling out some XP machine and im stuck and cant seem to find any help from the microsoft knowlege base.

    heres my problem

    Running Windows XP, a normal user logs in(no admin rights) and their script runs, this adds there network drives, deletes temp files and exisiting printers, it then adds a printer according to which printer group is assigned to them. the script uses the con2prt command. it fails and sez, "fail to connect to windows printer, check if printer exists"

    now if i log on as admins, and then connect the printer normally or by using the con2prt command. it lods and works fine, the next time the user logs in, the script runs and the printer i added under admins connects fine and so does any other printer with the same driver.

    i have given the whole registary, everyone full permissions to test it but that didnt work, ive given the windows directory everyone full permissions and that doesnt work either. also went into security rights and made devices unsigned driver install to silent, went into user rights and gave everyone acess to load and unload device drivers.

    im stuck, dont know what to do. my boss sez if i dont find a solution i must go back to w2k and i dont want to go over the whole process again.

    any ideas?
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    See if anything over here applies.
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    mmm, that didnt help. just refers me to the same documents ive read already.

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    i dont belive no one can help me