network pc dials up every 5 mins

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EEEK, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. EEEK

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    2 pcs, both on xp pro, connected on a lan, using ics.
    pc1 with modem is ok
    pc2 without modem,

    when the network is conneted pc1 dials up and connects to internet. when manualy disconnected it redials again in five minutes....again and again and again.

    the internet connection sharing works ok..pc 2 can make pc1 dialup and disconect

    pc1 never dials on its own when the network is off.

    both have norton internet firewall, and nothing pops up saying whats trying to access the net. messenger is off on pc2.

    whats causing pc2 to force a connection all the time?how do i stop this?
  2. relder

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    There is a service or a piece of software installed on PC 2 that is forcing the demand dialing feature of ICS. I would take a look at what is starting at bootup.

    Use MSCONFIG for this. Check both programs and services.
  3. EEEK

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    looks like its Nero 5572 trying to phone home

    well maybe not. it now takes maybe an hour before it dials.

    start up progs running
    sky server (not this, it was in pc1 before and it was ok)