network over 2 computers with ADSL, just wanna check i got it right

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lankor, Jan 15, 2002.

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    Hi guys,
    I have 2 computers in my flat..and I will like to network both of them together for LAN games and most important, internet sharing(ADSL is v.exp in london and need to split cost with flatmate)

    Just wondering can I do this:

    1)buy a network card for each machine, connect it up by a RJ 45 cable. setup network wizards, enable printer, scanner for sharing.
    and I should be able to play games together?

    2)buy a ADSL usb modem, plug into the 1st computer. make sure it is running properly on it. Then start network wizard for ICS and PC 2 should be able to share my connection as well now.

    the disadvantage of this setup should be..for a 512k connection, each machine will be assigned 256k? and machine 1 have to be on all the time?

    3) I heard abt a ethernet router with 4 port hub which will obtain a more superior results. But it is relatively mroe expensive and I hope i can avoid that if possible. BUT if I really have to buy one, what are the additional equipments or cables I need for such a connection.

    Pls comment on above as I am a novice in networking and is my 1st ever hands on.
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    For sharing you must have 3 networkcards, 2 in computer 1 (the one who provides internet acces) en the other networkcard in computer 2.

    You also need 1 crosscable between the computers.

    The other way is to buy an dsl/cable router. Then you will need 2 networkcardsand two traight cables that connect to the dsl-router

    I prefer the last one, no connection troubles, you internetconnection is always avaible, ( in the other case the maincomputer must always be on if you want to connect to the internet.

    But the least expensive solution will be the one with three networkcards

    Good Luck !! :)
  3. TechTodd

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    stay away from the USB my friend. Ethernet will be much better. you will need 2 eternet cards, 3 ethernet cables and a dsl/cable router, unless your isp supports multiple computers. if they do, then you wil need a hub or switch instead of the router. this will provide the cleanest connection possible. once you are connected and on line, just hookup the pc to the router, then configure the router, and connect the router to the dsl modem.
  4. Lactic.Acid

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    What tastingw said is incorrect; TechTodd says it better. You CAN do it as you first suggest with USB, though you must change one thing: you must use a crossover cable instead of an RJ45 cable.

    TechTodd is right in advising you to avoid USB for your DSL modem. The USB will noticable slow down your connection and use more CPU resources. If you can afford it, purchase two NICs for your server and one for your client. You do not need a DSL router. You just plug in the DSL to one NIC on your server (using RJ45) and a crossover cable in the 2nd NIC to your client. You then turn on ICS on your server, configure your client to work with ICS (either DHCP or static IP, gateway, etc.).

    IF you purchase a Cable/DSL router, you only need two NICs. Your DSL modem will plug into the router, and both PCs become clients and plug into the router as well with normal RJ45.
    If you need more specifics for one of these scenarios just ask.
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    I'm confused - but I'm just learning, so please explain.

    What is it that tastingw explained that is incorrect ?
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    Re: re:

    lankor said he had or was getting a USB DSL modem. DSL/Cable modems with USB usually also allow and ethernet connection. You do not, however, NEED to use that. If lankor uses the USB connection of the modem, he only needs two network cards, not three =) Nitpicking, but it's usually important to try to explain clearly (which I neglected to do...sorry about that =)
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    Ah I understand now. Thanks.

    A question on these options.
    Since I have a NAT router to share my cable connection I feel fairly safe (protected) with no other firewall on the PCs. Do you think I should have further protection from intrusion. (I have not need to leave open any ports so far)

    If lankor goes for the ICS option then I guess he would need a firewall on the PC ? If so does this firewall effect the ability to have internal file shares between the PCs. (I thought I had seen MS say switch off the firewall to share files.)

    btw congrats on becoming a moderator.
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    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    No, the bandwiwth thing is not true. If only one comptuer is accessing the internet, it gets full bandwidth. If two comptuers go on, each is given only what bandwidth it needs. It is not evenly given out to each comptuer. It is dynamic based on how many machines are using the line at that time.

    And yes, machine 1 must be on at all times for the networked comptuers to access the internet.

  9. Lactic.Acid

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    JJB thanks, I forgot to address that part of lankor's post.

    greensted: If lankor uses firewalling software (like ZoneAlarm Pro) you can designate one connection a local/trusted connection so all will be allowed. If this is not done, then yes, this would cut off filesharing with that computer.
  10. tastingw

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    I missed the part with the usb modem

    That's why I said 3 networkcards

  11. Lactic.Acid

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    No worries =) I assumed you did, but some ppl just get confused if they hear too many diff't stories and don't know what's goin on, ya know? No offense intended.
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    thanx for everybodys input. I find it really useful and have solved most of my queries. I am now almost at the brink of making my decision.

    I am going to get 2 wireless pci network card. one for each machine. Is there a limitation for using I am going to connect 2 computers from 2 different room..(parallel to one another) not mroe than 10 metres apart. (pls recommend brands or models of wireless network card)

    Do I need a base unit for it..I will like not to as it is very expensive.

    Next I am going to buy an internal ADSL modem card for one computer. is it recommended as I believed USB will have a slower transfer rate. Any models or brands to recommend..pls note that I am running at a relative FSB at 150.

    I believe thats all i need. 2 pci wireless network card, 1 internal ADSL modem card.. no cable involved except the telephone line to my adsl modem from the telephone socket.

    And regarding JJB6486 comment on dynamic addressing..does it mean that if PC 1 is connected to the internet at 500k/s . computer 2 then want to access the internet as well.. we will prob both run at 256k/s as we both demand the maximum amount of internet browsing speed..and this is done all by microsoft xp ICS

    thanx for all the comment and help so far.