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    Alchemy Lab announces the release of Alchemy Eye version 6.5 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, a network monitoring tool that checks the server accessibility and server state, and sends server malfunction alerts using e-mail, cellular phone, pager, ICQ in case of any network problems.

    Alchemy Eye monitors servers using:

    - ICMP (Ping)

    - NT Service State

    - NT Event Log

    - HTTP(S)/FTP URLs

    - Free Disk Space

    - Etc., over 35 monitoring types total

    Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the Network Administrator about server malfunction events. In the case of a network failure this network monitor can:

    - Send email alerts

    - Send messages to WinPopup application or Windows NT/2000/XP Messenger Service

    - Restart remote computers or services

    - Send SMS or pager notifications

    - Etc., up to over 10 alerting types total

    More info on Alchemy Eye:

    Download free trial: