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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by BadKharma, Apr 7, 2002.

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    After trying to get my Pavillion Laptop set-up with a pcmcia card for 2 months so that I could share my broadband connection with my desktop computer I finally discovered a setting in the admin tools that finally allowed me to find the IP before that all I got was IP 0.0.0 and subnet mask the the problem is somehow I disabled fast user do I re-enable it XP says that I need to uninstall client services for netware????? but I can't find an option to un-instal it before the un-instal prompt it states client services for netware has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching. All help is appreciated as I muddle along, please be kind I am new to computers and this is my first networking attempt..........PS I still need to figure out how too share resources and files between the 2 computers *hint hint*
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    To see the IP settings etc - type ipconfig /all at a Command Prompt.


    Install ICS on the PC with the internet connection

    On the other - Go into My network places and Click on the network wizard - Just Choose DHCP and the PC with the internet connection will provide an IP

    That should do it


    To share a directory > right click on it and click Sharing and choose the settings
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    The welcome screen and fast user switching MUST be disabled when using the Novell Client or logging into a Windows domian. If you want to uninstall Novell (because you don't log onto a Novell server anymore) open up Network Connections->Local Area Connection->Properties and uninstall Client For Netware Networks and the IPX protocols. That will reenable the welcome screen, but you will lose all Novell connectivity. If you still need to log onto a novell server with it you can't use the welcome screen.