"Network Cable Unplugged"????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MerlinuXP, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. MerlinuXP

    MerlinuXP Guest

    I have been having a "problem". Its becoming very annoying...

    Whenever i turn my computer on without turning off the other computer (the networked computer) i get a little icon with 2 computers and a red cross through it in the system tray saying "Network Cable unplugged".

    This is not true as my cable is plugged in, but my other computer isn't on. (so there is no connection between them). The icon dissapears as soon as i turn the other computer on

    Everything worked for a few weeks, and the icon didn't come up in the beginning, even with my other computer off.

    It suddenly just started happening and its quite annoying...

    Please could someone suggest what to do to make sure the icon isn't in the system tray, or how i can fix the problem where it doesn't say that the network cable is unpluged????


  2. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    right click taskbar..properties..hide inactive icons and customize, then fine network cable has been unplugged and change it to always hide.
  3. MerlinuXP

    MerlinuXP Guest

    Thanks for the advice...
    But i have applied that before... But i don't like having windows "icons"

    I actually want to disable it from coming up...
    But its a good thing to do at the moment untill something else comes up...

  4. gajef

    gajef OSNN Addict

    You can disable the tray icon if you go to the properties of that connection (Local Area Connection) and on the first page (General) there is a box to enable or disable the 'Show icon in notification area when connected'

  5. MerlinuXP

    MerlinuXP Guest

    I haven't got that box checked...

    I have tried SOOOOOOO many things...

    This bl**dy thing won't go away :mad:

    Thanks for the advice though...
  6. gajef

    gajef OSNN Addict

    Are you sure that there are not 2 or more LAN connections (i had once LAN and LAN#2)?

    If you are sure than i think that some of the involved files have gone corrupt :(

    What i would do is delete the NIC from the devicemanager and reboot (so XP will detect it again) and reinstall the drivers...

  7. MerlinuXP

    MerlinuXP Guest

    Yes it is possible i have two lans, but only one shows up in the device manager...

    I switched pci slots with my network card, and i'm pretty sure that's when it began happening...

    How do i remove the other network adapter???

  8. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    The show in systray while connected will not affect this even if it is not selected because that only affects it showing up if it IS connected...i know it sounds crazy but thats how it works....if it annoys you that bad you can always buy a small hub lol...then it will always be connected =)...your other lan could be a range of possibilities one being microsoft tv/video connection. as to what that is i am not sure but i think if you restart it should just go away
  9. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    been doing some reading and talking to some network friends, seems that there is only 3 ways to get rid of it
    1) disabling the nic card
    2) always hiding it
    3) buy a hub =)