"Network cable unplugged" network error plz help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nikhilphilip, Jul 26, 2002.

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    I am trying to build a peer to peer network with my laptop(XP) and desktop(Win 98). But the network connection is not working. It says "Network cable unplugged ".
    I have used different NIC cards of the same type(3 Com MegaHertz 10/100). This error appears even without the network cable attached to the NIC card.
    I tried disabling and enabling the network card but the error continues to be the same.
    I got this laptop from a friend who was using broadband to connect to the internet using the same network card. I have dial up so I removed the broad band connection settings by deleting the connection.
    Plz.. help. I must connect my laptop to Desktop to share files from work.
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    you can't just plug ethernet in. You need to either plug into a hub, or go out and make, or buy a cross over cable.

    to make the cross over cable what you need to do is leave one end of the cable alone. Then on the other end take the 3rd wire and make that the first wire, then make the 6th wire the 2nd wire.


    good luck
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  4. colors are here:

    cables, cables

    regular cable-----------------------------------------------crossover cable

    if no pics its because dsl is down
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    yup aol suck's...no pic's......:p

    *edit* we have some pictures....
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    it worked... Thanks

    Hey!... It worked.
    I got a crossover from office max today($12). And it worked.

    Thanks for the immediate help.

    Hell! U all know now that I am a dummy with networking.
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    hey u learn by asking!!!were here 2 help all the dumb people like u:p :p