Network bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ankka1, Jan 2, 2002.

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    Is it normal for a 10Mbps LAN to use only about 30% of the bandwidth? I have disabled the QoS Service (or whatever) but it didn't go up.
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    What are you using to measure it ?

    there are many things which affect network bandwith , topology , cablinmg etc

    tell us more about your setup

    its strange they say 10mbps cards but you will be hard to achieve that
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    It depends on what you are transfering. Short files do not take up as much bandwidth. When transfering large files over my 10mbit LAN, my utilization is 70% in the Task Manager (without any tweaks and QoS running).
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    Depends on length of the Cable, after a certain distance it looses its speed.:eek:
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    It could also be due to the fact that you're on a P200MMX. It shouldn't really be so, but if the computer can't handle sending data that fast, be it limited by the processor, memory or bus speed. How are you measuring the bandwidth usage?
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    i just look it in the Task Managers network tab. I have tested with some program (don't remember the name) that my hdd is capable to transfer averagely 7MB/s, so the bottleneck isn't my hdd. the cable is 4m long, so it shouldn't lose that much of it's efficiency. i don't use a twisted pair cable, it's a BNC cable.

    --edit edit:
    i tried transferring small files (about 4%) and a 400mb chunk (around 30%), and both machines' hdd:s are defragged just a couple of days ago.