Network Adapter Troubles

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by downunderground, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. I have 2 PCs both running XP Pro networked together. For months I have had no problems with this, until one day the connection lights didnt light up anymore. I tried changing the cable, swapping PCI slots, reinstalling drivers and replacing it with a new card. It still refuses to work for me, to make things worse, my floppy disk drive's light remains on at all times, and the drive cant read any disks. The computer having most of the problems is the older HP Pavilion 8511 (p3 450 128 RAM CDRW 4 x) . It's BIOS is dated 1999, now I'm wondering if having a shithouse BIOS will **** my computer around. Should I just reformat the **** and reinstall everything? Or is it that the hardware in this computer is old and incompatible? I'm tempted to revert back to wack ass 98, But it seems so inferior now. Help from anyone out there would be top stuff. :cool:
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    Have you been inside the case quite a bit? The floppy thing sounds like the ribbon might be on backwards (pin 1 facing the wrong way)... at least that's what happens to me when I accidently hook it up that way (backwards). Are the NIC's showing up in device manager ok? If not, you may have a bad one on your hands.