#netstuff on EFNET, need ntfs jokes in

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by 03bigMark03, May 30, 2003.

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    Hiya, I have a chat room and some friend come in from time to time. BTW it's #netstuff @ EFNET. If you guys in #ntfs could either sit in my chat room (GEFFY is main bots BTW) and send your jokes, scripts etc etc that would be great. Just need to make the chat room more intersting. Also guys with DSL, would be great if someone could sit in there with bots 24/7 cuz newbie IRCers don't know wat bots are. Thanks if you can help.


    I'm not spamming ere, honest. Need to make the room more interting thats all.
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    Hiya again, been busy with gcse exams lately and lost track of some posts. :eek:. Well thanks x-istence for adding your bots in a long side Geffy's bots. It's great help. I also have a couple of DSL guys (ACE123 and VR) pop when they can for as long as they can (voice). If any of you guys want to stay in idle mode then please join my chat room because it really does need to be made more interesting. Also if you have any jokes or chat strings or technical stuff said every so often then can you also stay in my chat room plz. I think we can include Pita on in this one as well :p