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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Apr 11, 2002.

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    Guys I am not liking all the security issues that keep coming out for IE so I decided to try a few new browsers. I download and installed the following browsers with Java components. Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. I came to a conclusion that I like Netscape best for compantibility seeing as it was the closest to IE in my opinion. But during the period of having all these browsers installed something weird happened my system came to a very slow state. So I was thinking that maybe with all the extra Java components something was getting screwed up. So I uninstalled the browsers and the Java components. Everything was fine. I then installed Netscape again, but it doesn't want to load anymore. The Main Netscape welcome screen opens and then that's it, nothing else. Please help as I really want another solution to IE!
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    yea i just seen that news posted somewheres. i seem to have found my problem. it's with the Quick Launch thingy. i installed it again and did not choose to install that option and they work fine. weird, but it works. i must say that mozilla is a bit faster than Netscape, IMHO. do you have any idea of when that release will be?
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    They intend to release in a few weeks according to their press at And yes, it will be an official build 1.0. Go to this forums home page and scroll down the story lines till you get to the Mozilla story and read. I don't like to use IE except for Windows Updates. I'm running Netscape 4.79, Opera 6.01 and Mozilla 0.9.9 they all run great, but Opera is much faster than any of them. But I'm a diehard Mozilla freak. Used it since day one.