NetGear WG311 v2 problems

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    Hey guys,

    Ok here is the deal, I have a friend who is not very computer literate so I speced out a dell computer with support for him and his wife, they have a wireless network so I went with them to BESTBUY to purchase one as the titel suggests I had them buy a NetGear WG311 v2. I installed the driver, and then installed the card and rebooted, and it all wnet well and good until we went to shut down the computer... now is where it gets interesting. I got a wierd error... thinking this was a SP2 compatibility issue I DL'd the latest and greatest driver for the card, and sure enough it said right on the driver download it was a fix for several SP2 compatibility issues. Ok, so I was on the right track... ONE problem... the same issue still exists. Here is the error listed when you try and shut down the computer: I copied it directly from the email my friend sent me.

    Hey...sorry...forgot to send last night. Also... "poor" signal message appears when cursor is over the WLAN icon and sometimes won't let you online.....???? maybe b/c it's on the floor? or maybe a defective adapter?
    ***Hardware Malfunction***
    Call your hardware vendor for support
    NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error
    ***The system has halted***
    Thanks for all of your help!!!
    Amy :eek:)

    Ok so now Im getting irritated. I find tons on the problem but nothing on the fix. I did find a driver by USRobotics which is supposed to clear up the problem, but it didnt work either. I am at a total loss here, even a complete uninstall/re-install of the drivers and card did not work, it has to be something easy.. someone please read this and tell me what Im missing


    Mike A!
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    Any help?


    LANDSER Achtung soldat!

    You say this is a documented problem with the card itself? Post a link to that documentation perhaps?

    This might help:,11186583~mode=flat

    To summarize, the user solved their problem by removing the NetGear utility and drivers, then installing the hardware and booting the system. At that point Windows will go through the New Hardware Wizard and when it ask for a driver you can have get it off the installation disk (of the NIC) without installing NetGear's software - which appeared to be causing the problem.
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    Appreciate the attempt, I did that, and with the newest drivers from april/may timeframe of this year, I had read the post previously, also have a look at the date thats from back in 03'

    I will try disabling the nic, uninstalling the driver and only reinstall the driver itself, although I am betting it will happen again as I did this the first time, with no success.

    I think I am going to have her take this back to BESTBUY, and just buy a gaming adapter (aka WAP)... seems an easier fix.

    Mike A!