Netgear Releases 11n Router for Linux Hackers

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Terrahertz, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Netgear Releases 11n Router for Linux Hackers - Lab Notes by ExtremeTech
    WNR3500L - RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router with USB

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    sounds good, will have to see how it plays out :)
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    what features to these users want that netgear isn't willing to provide?
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    My netgear has everything I need and works great. I can see having to use something like this with a linksys, as their os just plain stinks.
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    We can now tailor the router to our needs. As in we can run OpenVPN on it so that we can connect to a VPN running on our home network, we can set up captive portals so that people are required to give a username/password other than the access point name and password to use the internet, we can set up limits on what IP addresses get handed out and to who, we have full access to the device to do as we please so we can run a web server on it, host games on it, or even make it an access point with multiple SSID's with various different passwords and different routing, do QoS by setting up our own rules and best of all downloading and running various security tools on top of the router, such as a proxy that automatically virus scans all downloads that come by in the form of an EXE, or being able to passively detect what operating systems are in use on the network to more effectively monitor outbreaks.

    Do note that the routers that can be flashed with Linux are generally in high demand in business situations since we can set them up in between a suspect machine and the gateway and log certain data if we think the employee is stealing, I have successfully deployed one that runs network scans every single night and reports back on what machines might suddenly have open ports, and the wireless portion is used to provide internet access to clients and customers so that they don't have to plug in, but all of their traffic is routed over a link to another router so that they can never touch or see our internal network, thanks to the multiple ports on the back and being able to VLAN them into different VLANs.