Netbook - hardware and OS considerations

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    I posted this on the Justlinux forum, but have not had a reply and so thought I would ask around here - though I'm not sure if netbooks fit in this forum it is definitely where I would put it for myself - it was that or general hardware...

    Having been through an HP2133 (SUSE fail, there are threads over at JustLinux, a KDE rollout borked the netmanager applet) and fetched up with an Elonex T1 (locked into supplied software, crappy wifi reception, but at least under a hundred quid, so buyer beware) I am curious and trying to learn.

    At the low budget end it seems the chipset and software will not leave you open at all to choosing your own distro and "owning" the machine.

    I have zero knowledge of the elite of netbooks - though I know there are some extremely expensive bits of kit out there I really do not know what the extra money buys.

    At the medium budget end it seemed there were limitations and a friend told me they believed the chip was more or less a "RISC" variation on the 386 architecture which then involved am additional low level layer of software to implement the full instruction set.

    I should like (when money allows) a netbook that I can install distro of my choice to (whether or not it involves an external drive)... and I am wondering if others could share their experiences or knowledge, especially in light of the above and the fact I have not had any contact with the "Atom" CPU. Are the C7 and the Atom the only players? I realise the Elonex has it's own, but I am discounting that as last years technology.
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    windows 7 will run on netbooks with room to spare :)
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    Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) works fine on my Hp mini 1035nr netbook.
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    MSI wind....disable onboard memory..put a 2gb in, rip out the wifi card and install a dell or apple wifi...and set it up with osx! Thats my plans!
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    I am waiting for an Ion, or simular netbook. At least something with the higher screen res. Horizontal is fine, but vertical is just too limited imho.