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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Jan 7, 2002.

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    just something I ran into for those users of hotmail and have it setup for the .net services to check. I think we all know that hotmail is notorious for spammers and this may be why.

    Follow this path:

    control panel> user accounts > pick a user > change my .net passport > change passport attributes button

    enter your password and your profile will show up (alittle slow). Anyways, scroll down you will see this:

    Choose how much of your .NET Passport information Microsoft can share with other companies' .NET Passport sites at sign-in:

    Share my e-mail address.
    Share my first and last names.
    Share my other registration information

    I am assumming here that if these are checked they are selling your email addy to spammers. So i unchecked all of mine. Just thought I would share!
  2. max

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    thanks for the tip :)

    thats the main thing that annoys me with hotmail ...SPAM !!!
  3. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    To pc_tek and others

    How come, I personally don't get any spam on my Hotmail account.
    The only strange thing is: a friend of mine mail me from time to time, and his mails went directly into the spam folder, which I didn't understand since this friend of mine is a trustful one; until I was given the oportunity to put his address in my secure list...
    Apart from this, no spam ever (though I didn't check wether I unticked the options mentionned by pc_tek
  4. pc_tek

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    WOW!!! your a lucky one not to recieve SPAM through hotmail. But at any rate, might want to check in your options section in hotmail to see about your friends email going to the junk mail folder.

    If your not recieving junk mail through hotmail, all the better. Most people do not even have to signup for anything to start getting junk mail through hotmail, just get flooded with porn and everything else.

    I dont know if the check boxes I mentioned will stop spam or not. It is just something I ran across and seemed fishy. I unchecked it about 2 weeks ago, and i still get spam, but my email address is still floating around out there in spam cyberspace, so i dont expect an immediate fix. If it stops new spam, all the better.
  5. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    You could also try to block spam addressers (up to 200 I think). Blocked, spamers should look somewhere else. By blocking addresses 200 by 200 for a while each time, why couldn't we discourage spam to flood our own Hotmail account ?
    My wife has a Yahoo! account, and she gets bulk mail (3 to 10 an hour !) all the time. I created a Hotmail account for her with just the same thing before @ and immediately she started receiving junk mail: spamers have her id in their list I think, so I created another Hotmail account with her complete maiden name: no more bulk ! Though she keeps her Yahoo! account; a few seconds each time to delete unwanted mails, not so much to give...
    I should also mention that I think twice before giving my address and always untick any option offering me to have deals with partners I don't know...
    I'm quite satisfied with Hotmail for 4 years now !
    Good luck !
  6. wassup_ken

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    i don't get more than 4 spams a month, not bad, some months i get nothing
  7. Lactic.Acid

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    SPAM really depends on who you give your e-mail address to. If you use hotmail to register for contests, etc. then you're gonna be drowning soon. If you only use it for trust-worthy things like registering for XP-erience message forums, you won't get any other third-party e-mail.
    edit: unless you're really unlucky