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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by supwiddiss, Jul 9, 2002.

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    I'm using .net 3590 after using 3505 for it's ..umm..60 day limit.
    I tried 3604 and 3621 to find that the Configure Your Server Wizard came back upon logging back in or rebooting. Is there a way to keep it gone after unchecking the box (it still comes back and yes the box is checked once again by itself)? I tried to remove, rename, and edit the registry for the obvious .exe's in the system32 folder and the registry. Any clues? Once you use .net you appreciate it's stability as an OS and bug free operation.
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    This is kind of hard to answer since .net is a beta software only available to a few. I would try Microsoft's support to see if anyone else is having the same issue.
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    using .net 3590 here - that box came up once for me - hasdn't come up since (in the rare instances when i reboot my server ;))

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    Positive responses appreciated

    Thanks MdSalih for your observation as I have the same scenario using 3590. All I am looking for, as any other person is, is an answer to a problem we're having and not a go-here remark. 3604 and 3621 will pop up the CYS wizard even though you uncheck the box to make it vanish on next boot. Obviously more people have access to .net than you will realize and sometime everyday users have more valid questions than hard core programmers. A simple answer like change a value in the registry from 0 to 1 or add a key helps. This is why I posted here as MS dosen't provide the answers I need. They usually never have.