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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Khaled, Aug 1, 2003.

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    Does any one have an explanation for this, I burn in nero a 48x CD-R on 52x speed, and the CD-Rs is working just fine!
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    good quality cd-r and over speed burning not too extreme (4x)... it is certified for 48x which does not mean it won't burn well over this certified speed. It's certified to such speed for everyone to be on the safe side... ;)
  3. koko

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    not sure if this is bogus or not, but i've read several articles discussing a serious bug in nero 6.0.

    read about it here.

    just wanted to give a 'heads up' to everyone if you're using nero 6.0.
  4. o0RaidR0o

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    Well it only makes sense if you set your root directory as your default working folder with a program that after process empties your working folder then yes it can happen.

    The bug is not so much that it deletes files from the working folder, but that it doesn't default itself at the very least to the "temp" folder. Usually with alot of programs you change your working folder, however by default it should either point to your "temp" or a subfolder within the installed applications directory.
  5. PurplePatch

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    The problem is only with Nero Recode which is for recoding DVDs. They are going to release a 'fix' asap. The problem is not with Nero Burning Rom. :)