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  1. Capricorn

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    Does Nero have an option similar to Roxio's Direct CD which I think allows a CD-R disc to be used like a floppy? And if so does it run under XP OK?
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    Ye it does.
    It's called InCD, but I'd stick to DirectCD, I always find it to work great.
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    Yeah. Direct CD for me too. As long as you don't forget the update. (for me anyway)
  4. Capricorn

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    Am I right in thinking that CD Direct uses CD-R but Nero's inCD will only work with CD-RW.
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    I no longer use Nero nor InCD - I still wonder why :confused: I guess since it was on my old puter my grandaughter has - however, as I remember it - Nero and InCD are two different programs -both from Ahead.

    Nero is a fine cd burner and InCD works with CD-RW's.

    I used InCD to backup - once I firgured out the best way for me to do it was the old drag and drop method - for some reason with the TDK burner and Windows 98 on my old Compaq - it didn't care for the copy command!

    edited at 14:59 - here - this should explain most of what youi need to know about the programs!