Nero.. wont let me choose to burn at full speed! Why??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePunkerGuy, Jul 28, 2003.

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    Ok, i have the black 52X32X52 Lite-on cdrw with the newest firmware. Well, when i go to burn CD's with Nero, depending on what speed blank CD i have in there, it will only let me burn at certain speeds. But the werid thing is this.. i can take a blank cd that will burn fine at 52X on my other computer (uses Nero and a 52X24X52 Lite-on drive).. on the other computer Nero gives it the option to write at 52x and everything. Same way with other CDs.. my friend has some blank CDs and he can burn with them at 48X in his Cyber Drive with Nero and then when i put that blank CD in my computer Nero will only allow me to burn it at 24X! Whats up with that?! I have the latest update. Is there any hack or way to enable all writing speeds in nero... so that i can just choose my own speed even if it is higher than what Nero "thinks" will work?? A little help here!
    - Mike
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    Disable the IMAPI service in your services. That should help you.

    You could also try the Nero Burnrights plugin as well

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    I would also check to make sure you drive is operating at higher than PIO modes.

    R-click "My Computer", select "Properties", choose "Hardware" tab, click "Device Manager" button, Find your "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller" entry and click the + sign, double-click the channel your drive resides on, click on the "Advanced Settings" tab, and make sure the device (whether master or slave) is set to "DMA if available".

    Also, if you have another optical drive on the same IDE cable your RW drive is on, it's usually best to configure the CDRW as "master".
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    I had similar problems in the past, with the 5.x versions. In the end, I dumped the CD brand I was using. Went with Imation and have yet to experience any problem with any program at any speed (52x included) on Philips, Yamaha and Lite-On drives. Nero 6 burns flawlessly too so far. :)
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    Ok, here is how i have it setup.. i have two drive.. this Lite on 52x32x52 CDRW and a NEC 4X DVDRW drive on the same ide channel. The NEC drive is at the end of the cable and the Lite On drive is in the middle.. both are set to CS and are runnin in "multi world dma mode 2".. how should i set the jumpers and placement of drives on the cable?
    - Mike
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    Ok, I solved the problem.. i just turned off "Smart Burn".. that thing that "checks the quality of the disks" and only lets you burn at certain speeds.. i turned that off and now i have all my burn speed options back.. thanks guys for the help!
    - Mike
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    Was going to suggest that, as I have seen something similar with my DVDRW, I have a 4 speed burner, but my media only supports burning speeds of up to 2.4

    Not that it bothers me, I would saying burning 4.7 gigs of data in less than 20 minutes is pretty good.
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    lol EP - I agree, its very good tbh.

    I think thats what people tend not to realise with DVDRW drives... they say it doesnt burn as quick as a CDRW, but they dont see that you're burning 4.7gb in ~20mins and only 700mb in ~4mins

    Without sounding a geek, doing the math (treating 1gb as 1000mb to make it simpler):

    4700 (dvd) / 700 (80min cd) = 6.71 (i.e. nearly 7cds per dvd)

    6.71 (amount of cds per dvd) x 80 (minutes) = 537.14 (amount of minutes per dvd)

    say you can burn a full 80min cd in 3mins... then to burn a full dvd would take 6.71 times longer i.e. ~20mins

    same speed burner - its just got more to burn :p

    oops... I sounded like a geek :(

    probably offtopic and the guy fixed his problem anyway (i'd try a diff brand of cdr btw m8 - turning off smartburn to get the quicker speeds may mean that your burner is saying the dye in the disks is only 24x supported and burning faster can cause abnormalities on the cd when burned).
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    Yeah, i have read some Articles that explain it well.. a 4X DVD Burner will burn a full DVD as fast as a 16X CDRW will burn a full CD.. so a 4X burner isn't really that slow, like some ppl might think.
    - Mike