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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by spectra7045, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. spectra7045

    spectra7045 Guest

    I installed Nero 5.5 then upgraded to the latest 5.564 ( I think)
    When I tried to run it it said there was an error in registry.
    Tried to uninstal and got a fatal error and it wouldnt uninstall.
    Deleted everything from registry although one entry would't delet and I had to set permission to deal with it.
    I have EZCD already with all the latest updates.
    Would like to swap to Nero but given I have had the above twice is there any option other thana clean reinstall.
    Tried Nero under ME it works fine

    Any ideas:confused:
  2. tOtEM

    tOtEM Guest

    Go out and BUY Nero .. then do your upgrade, and all will be fine ..
  3. spectra7045

    spectra7045 Guest

    Why is that Totem when I was using an OEM copy which came with my son's cd writer and he didn't want to use it.
    When that failed I also tried a friends copy.
    I already have ezcd and given all the vibes about it thought I would try Nero.

    Before I lashout more hard cash want to be sure it
    A) will work and
    B) is worth it
  4. tOtEM

    tOtEM Guest

    Well .. Nero does have it's uses .. But not in the way you might expect, if your used to the drag and drop idea of Easy CD, Then no Nero isn't for you. If your looken for a replacment for Easy CD, try NTI CD-Maker 2000 Professional or Standard.

    Nero isn't for making Audio CD. It's more for making copies of existing images or CD's

    Question ..

    You did the upgrade.. Nero wasn't working for you ?

    If it isn't broken .. DON'T FIX IT....
  5. Highwind7777

    Highwind7777 Guest

    I think it goes like this: If it ain't broke, don't fix it
    and I got an even wierder problem. when I open Nero, it goes something like "WARNING!!! this may be a pirated copy of Nero. Please contact..." and I have to hit ok like 5 times then its fine. Didn't used to have this problem but it just popped up suddenly. :(
  6. spectra7045

    spectra7045 Guest

    From what you said I did a further investigation of the Nero site.
    I understand
    Looks like XP gives them the ability to do some kind of check which was not available in ME given the program seemed to work in ME.

    Both OEM discs I used were from a Mirai cdwriter and the site says OEM's are specific to writers.

    I have downloaded their free demo and will give it a spin in comparison with EZCD and if it checks out will purchase a copy.

    It would have been helpful to have had some warning of this as I nearly re-installed XP thinking I had corrupted my registry.

    I have no problem with what they did it is just confusing when you dont know.

    I have often tried copies of friends software to see if I liked it then purchased if I did to ensure I got the support and upgrades.


  7. dudette

    dudette Guest

    I'd like to know why Nero isn't good for making audio cd's?? I use Nero only, and have never had a problem making either audio or data cd's.
  8. existenz

    existenz Guest

    yeah, nero is fine for making audio cds...
  9. zman

    zman Guest

    I love Nero it works great on XP .... it will burn anything :)

    I used nero on XP before they even updated/patched nero to work on XP and never had any isssues

    I recommend it , and it is very easy to use.
  10. bmxjt

    bmxjt Guest

    i agree, i love using Nero. Especially for making Audio cds. Works great. And as far as not being able to drag and drop, I drag and drop all the time in Nero.
  11. scriptasylum

    scriptasylum Moderator

    Des Moines,IA
    I use EZCD right now (hold the stone throwing please) but it's a pain in the @$$ installing, rebooting, patching, rebooting, updating, rebooting, patching again, rebooting, applying the newest update, and rebooting once again! It works great for me though once I spend about 3 years installing the stupid thing.

    I want to try Nero, seems to have a smaller "footprint" than EZCD and simpler to install. BUT, does it have the functionality of EZCD? I basically just use EZCD to transfer files to CD and make an occasional music CD. I like it when I just pop in a CD and it "knows" theres a blank CD in there. I'm not using the wizard. I either format it like a drive or open the appropriate Roxio application for what I want to do.

    I remember trying it a long time ago and wasn't too clear on its use so went to EZCD (but that was back with win98). I just want to know what to expect before I trash something that works for something I'm not sure about. I'm more or less from the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" school, but everyone seems to like Nero better; everyone can't be wrong.