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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by beatofangel, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. beatofangel

    beatofangel Guest

    Hi again,

    i have a problem about nero burning rom.
    whenever i try to burn audio cds, the quality is choppy or i might say "piece of crap."
    i dont know anything about nero and i'm a newbie at this.

    any suggestions or ideas on how to burn audio cds??

  2. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    what version is your nero?

    try disabling the imapi cd burning service. its only for winxp integrated burning which stinks...
  3. WAM

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    are you burning on-the-fly or from hard drive? advice always save the tracks to wav format on hard drive first then burn on to the cd. If you try to copy a cd straight from the source, you are much more likely to get problems.

    Give us your nero version and burner specs.....
  4. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    yip i second that. no on tha fly

  5. beatofangel

    beatofangel Guest


    i use winamp to convert mp3 to wav format
    i store it in my C: drive

    my specs are:
    p4 1.6
    ASUS mobo
    512 mb ddram

    i turn off the amapi burning service-disabled

    my nero version is

    it is a crack nero so i dont know anythingabout it
    im very noobish in xp

    please help
  6. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    it is winamp that is causing your problem

    i wouldnt touch that peice of crap till it works with xp.wavlab,sound forge ect... are the best, but theres tons of
    free ones too. try changing encoders before you mess with nero.

    this site has a bunch of stuff check it out.
    also if you use audigy card or sb live just use play center, its gret
    WAIT, why are you making waves????????????
    loloololoolol just use the mp3s for the audio cds in nero, i doit all day, lolool you can drag em and drop em in the list.
    sorry i didnt catch that earlier....that save a whole process....;)
  7. damnyank

    damnyank I WILL NOT FORGET 911

    Petal, Mississippi

    AMEN - drag that MP3- no need to convert - I come from the KISS School (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

    The fewer steps - the less chance of you or the machine fouling the whole thing up!

    I really miss my Nero - I am going to have to get an updated copy for XP!
  8. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    for audio cds

    i just tried my playcenter with my audigy card and all my rush cds
    sound better than tha cd itself shweeeeeeeet.......96 khz sample rate
    damn great quality ololololol........