Nero Express Problems!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by davinwv, Apr 26, 2002.

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    It seems that everyone has been raving about Nero Express, so I downloaded and installed it. The interface is cool and easy to use, but I'm having some problems.

    Thus far, I have only attempted 1 to 1 copies. The only way I can successfully finish burning a disc-to-disc (quick) copy is to check the "Determine Maximum Speed" checkbox in the "More" menu. Nero Express tests at 12x, but then settles on 8x after the speed test, stating that it can burn only at 8x for the current disc. Even if I delete all speeds but 8x from both of the drives in Nero Drive Speed, Nero Express still attempts to burn at 12x and the burn fails. Is there any way to either: (i) coax a faster burn speed out of the CDRW, or (ii) get Nero Express to always burn at 8x, even without using "Determine Maximum Speed"? My configuration is as follows:

    Gateway P4 1400
    256MB of RDRAM
    LG CD-ROM CRD 8483B Firmware v1.02
    LG CD-RW CED 8120B Firmware v1.03

    Nero Express is automatically setting my data buffer to 33MB.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
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    Come on, at least one of you highly intelligent guys/gals should be able to help!

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    could be a couple things

    most likely: cheap media, or 8x media

    also, some versions of nero come with license keys that limit rip speed b/c they're for a certain burner.

    is DMA enabled in device manager?

    have u ever burned faster then 8x?
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    Re: could be a couple things

    Media is 24x I believe.

    I have burned at 12x on this same brand of CDR with the native WinXP burner.

    How do I enable DMA in Device Manager??

    If this doesn't work, I'm thinking of downloading RecordNow MAX. Is it better/easier to use than Nero Express?

    Thanks for your help,