Nero 7 OEM (missing recode?)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mfarley, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Okay, I received a Nero7 CD packaged with some software I purchased a while back.'s Nero 7 OEM.

    I was going to give Nero Recode a whirl to see how easy it would be to recode my screencasts (which are captured and rendered into AVI and then converted to .flv for web publish).

    Much to my dismay (maybe I'm just slow) but I don't see any option anywhere for Recode. Could it be that the OEM doesn't come with it packaged? I did a google search and didn't really come up with an answer so was hoping someone here would know.

    If it does not come with recode...

    What's a good tool to transfer an avi to an mp4 (h.264)? I used Quicktime Pro but that has to be the slowest encoder in history.
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    Hi. Bad news about your Nero 7 OEM I'm afraid.

    It is counterfeit.

    There is no such thing as 'Nero 7 OEM' and there won't be. There will be a new OEM version of Nero based on V7, currently scheduled for early May 2006. There will probably be 3 versions along the lines of the current Nero OEM Suites 1, 2 and 3.

    Nero's legal department have been busy today so you should see most of the offering's of counterfeit 'Nero 7 OEM' or CD only, (about 60 postings) disappear from UK E-bay overnight tonight. And the one on Amazon Shops UK.

    If you want to get your supplier sorted by Nero, either send their details to me and I will pass them to their legal department or I can e-mail you with a contact name and e-mail address for Nero legal in Germany.
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    There's no Nero 7 OEM, what are you talking about??

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    Not sure about Nero atm, but for .AVI to .MP4 converters here is a good list:

    Do you have a source for that information?
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    Just download the latest trial, I am sure the recode is in there?
    The serial on your packaging should also still work.