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    Major Update of Nero 6 including the Nero PowerPack now available!

    The Major Updates in Nero 6 are:

    New features Nero

    * Significant usability improvements
    * AMD64bit support
    * Hyperthreading support

    New features NeroVision Express

    * DVD-VR import
    * Export to DV camera
    * Improved capture quality and hardware support
    * Powerful Undo/Redo function
    * Choose between 1-Pass and 2-Pass encoding
    * Default template for new project
    * DVR-MS (Windows XP Media Center Edition file format) support for Win XP SP1
    * New filters/effects
    - Invert Color
    - Multiply pixel
    - Gamma correction
    - Edges detection
    - Emboss
    - Enhance details
    - Enhance edges
    - Enhance focus
    - Light edges
    - Shift edges
    - Soften filter
    * Splitting function for slideshows with a large number of pictures
    * Half-D1 resolution for DVD supported
    * AMD64bit support

    New features Recode

    * 1:1 DVD to DVD Copy with original menu
    * Remake a DVD from one or multiple DVD movies
    * Convert DVDs in amazing quality to Nero Digital while using the Nero Digital profile templates
    * Fit the Nero Digital files to DVD, CD or custom size
    * 5.1 channel audio support
    * Unique Watch-while-you-Burn mode
    * Burn-at-once technology
    * Quick and advanced analysis model
    * AMD64bit support

    New features Showtime

    * AB Bookmark repeat
    * Added time search feature (direct input of the target time to jump)
    * Subtitle and chapter support for Nero Digital
    * All player features available through right-click
    * Double-click on display changes to full screen
    * Double-click on full screen changes to normal window
    * IFO and DAT files playback support
    * Powerful post-processing for Nero Digital available
    * New image settings for film effects
    * Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) for CD/DVD during playback
    * AMD64bit support

    New features InCD

    * DVD-RAM support
    * DVD-RW quick format
    * Significant performance improvements on high-speed media

    New features BackItUp

    * On-the-fly compression/recording (Compression can be done without using any temporary storage of hard disc while burning on CD/DVD)
    * Hot plugging of recorders
    * Support for HD-Burn recorder
    * Read-me file on every disc to tell the backup name, disc number and backup information file location
    * Significant usability improvements
    * AMD64bit support
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