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    Ever since upgrading to this version of Nero the application has been slow to start, sometimes not starting at all. If I start the normal Nero it will display the splash screen and say "scanning scsi/ide bus please wait". Usually the application never starts and the splash screen just remains until I do the old 3 finger salute. If I start Nero in Nero Express mode it will eventually load ... but usually has a 30 second or so delay. In both cases I've noticed Nero launches at least one session of an app called "selfdel.exe". A quick google search for this file yeilds one result ... a page that I think is written in German. So I'm basically at a loss ... Anyone know whats up with this?
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    In all seriousness, have you tried reinstalling, maybe using a regcleaner to clean out old entries after uninstalling and before reinstalling. Especially if you are using a *cough* not so legal key *cough*
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    yip .. try to completely remove it and then reinstall it.

    burn@once is nice, Jamie made a very good program, I have not realy been into it though. I am thinking about trying it again though - But in any case it don't do have the things that nero does.
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    Check for updates to Nero. I vaguely remember a slowness issue with one of the releases.

    If that doesn't do it uninstall and reinstall all your CD/VDV drives. Mine got hosed when trying diferent cd/dvd software and reinstalling all straightened them out again.