NERO 55910 and Musicmatch jukebox

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fedele, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. fedele

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    I have recently installed both programs and get this error:

    Another apllication is currently using the windows burning engine(IMAPI). Please quit...and strt Nero again.

    I am assuming it is musicmatch jukebox. Any ideas on how to use Nero to burn? can I burn with Musicmatch as weell? is it worth it?
  2. check and see if imapi is running under processes if so stop it.

    i have both nero and mmjb and have no conflicts when i burn with either.
  3. fedele

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    nope not running. i closed all other programs and reintalled nero again. same problem....:huh:
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    I think you need to go into services and disable IMAPI burning service. This is XP's built in burning capabilities, coincidently made by Roxio. I can also suggest that you make sure you have an aspi layer. Nero should install it's own but I still suggest that you download aspick from Adaptec's website. CHeck what aspi you are running. I highly suggest aspi version 4.60.

    4.70+ has given some people problems