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  1. john30uk

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    nero on front page,version cant be proper version that nero are releasingend of month as nero image drive is missing.
    i noticed no diff in any other settings
  2. damnyank

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    A quote from the Nero Help file follows:

    "The Nero ImageDrive program is only available in the retail version!"

    Could this be the answer?

  3. john30uk

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    i have had only two versions of nero,one was teac own cd with nero 5.0 and new write came with nero 5.5 oem have upgrade in each stage to latest and always had image writer.
    i bet official release at end of month will give me image drive even though it checks my serial and my upgrade is still oem.
  4. Geffy

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    I get ImageDrive when I upgrade, is that cause I bought mine retail and it only upgrade ID, if you are supposed to have it?
  5. john30uk

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    Prob bug in leaked software as usual,wait on proper realease,only 2 weeks away.