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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Ohzopants, Sep 22, 2004.

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    I keep reading info about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and they keep saying that the world be 30 square kilometers. In the past I have often come across mismeasured areas (I'm a physics major and surface area is something I have to calculate quite often...).

    Do they mean a map that's 30 km by 30 km (30 km)^2=900 km^2 or do they really mean ~5 km by ~6 km = ~30 km^2? The former would be immense and sort of close to what you would expect from a real city and surroundings, but the latter is on the same scale as Far Cry was.

    So does anyone know what they really mean by "30 square kilometers"? Part of me hopes they did the wrong calculation and give me a huge world to play in, but a part of me just wants to know that people actually can calculate surface area properly.

    ...and that's my totally unimportant and highly irrelevant question for today.
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    (brain breaks)~ ask a bio question next time and i can help yah. lol
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    Prefer Chemistry myself, only did Physics before options that is all. I can quite believe it was possibly 30 square KM, UK was once joined to France many years ago, with long shore drift and erosion, ice age happening, then going past that, I wonder if they mean't something like a small island surrounded by a moat, then forming ice packs, water going 'down a monster sized plug hole', thus exposing river beds, Ocean and Sea beds, then being turned in to grass lands etc.

    I can see eveidence of that where I live even it being 40 miles from the coast-line, plenty of sand dunes and chalk hills, cliffs and fossils associated with the Seas and Oceans being found locally.

    They (who ever they are) have a point.