Nelly or Eminem?

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by _DM_, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    Who do you think is the best rapper Nelly or Eminem?
    I say Nelly, Eminem's funny tho heh. So who do you pick?
  2. Trev

    Trev Guest

    Same here,... Rock all the way :)
  3. jrizzy

    jrizzy Guest

    imma go w/ Eminem...even though i too am a rock man.....

    i pick Andrew WK over everyone!! :) hah
  4. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered


    eminem would also be my pick just because I can't stand it when rappers go "bling bling" and he doesn't seem to do that.
  5. Eolis

    Eolis Guest

    Rap blows puppy chunks!

    If Eminem were my kid, I'da shown him the back of my hand more often.:p

    Just my opinion, of course.....:D

    LONG LIVE THE '70s!!! (except disco)
  6. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    ok i myself like all music but country...and it scares the hell out of me that the only 2 choices for best rapper are eminem or nelly...much better rappers out there..method Man...redman...dr dre...nas...etc..etc..etc
  7. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest

    DM BTW Fremont Here
  8. Device

    Device Guest

    Tool and Radiohead are the best rappers to me.
  9. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    I saw tool live... but i didnt hear maynard bust out any rymes
  10. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered

    HAHA I don't think he ment it like that :)
  11. madmatt

    madmatt Bow Down to the King Political User

    New York
  12. Trev

    Trev Guest

    yes tool are a bunch of gods.. theres a concert comming up soon that reminds me i havta go to ticketmaster to pick up tickets... System of a down is another GREAT band.. cant wait till ozfest
  13. Eminem is a way better Lyracist and Rapper, Nelly's songs sound all the same.
  14. madman

    madman Guest

    ahhh you kiddies....the old stuff...ccr,deep purple,styx.foghat....ahhh the good ole days!!:D :D :D :D
  15. ZAnwar

    ZAnwar Guest

    Nelly is the best. Eminem is a gangsta wannabe !!!
  16. andre9540

    andre9540 Guest

    me either, i will be going to ozfest this aug can wait, oh yah favorite rapper will have to be ICE CUBE
  17. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered

    2 words,

    Studio Gangsters
  18. dijital

    dijital Guest

    neither, they are both too commercialized
  19. Eolis

    Eolis Guest

    You said it, brother.......SLOW RIDE.......TAKE IT EASY!!!!!
  20. busto

    busto Guest

    Nelly and Eminem???...these are our choices for the best rapper...I guess there really is no hope for the future

    P.S. My choice would be either KRS-One or Virtuoso