Need to extract from BKF file manually!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ECO, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. ECO

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    Are there any programs out their that support extraction from a BKF file? This is the file type used by MS Backup Utility. I need to extract files from a backup file I made which, when extracted, prevents me from accessing my files again. After I attempt to restore them, the folders are made but I can't access the My Documents folder (access denied) and all the files cannot be opened properly because they are locked or protected.
  2. gajef

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    If restoring those files with ms backup you have a choice to restore the files without the security settings...

    Have you already tried that?

  3. MiseryQ

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    If you made a backup of encryted files your pretty much f*cked...
    I have encryted back up files I can't get into... I keep them just in case...
  4. ECO

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    No, I don't think I have. How do I disable restoring the security settings of the backup in MS Backup? I can't find this ability.
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    I figured out how to disable restoring with security settings, but after the restoring [supposedly] occurs the program begins to create a system restore check point and it never ends. After allowing this to go on for about 40 minutes I end tasked it, and I see that the file I attempted to restore was not actually restored.
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    ...and the *bump*

    I really need to figure this out. I have some pretty important documents to restore.