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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mr Dead, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Mr Dead

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    Im upgrading my mobo to one that includes a raid controller. So I plan to use my existing h/d (60 gig 5400) as the boot hd then clone it to the raid setup (2 60 gig 7200) then use that as the boot hd. So can anyone recommend an application that will make things simple? has anyone tried drive copy by powerquest?
  2. dadx2mj

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    I use Norton Ghost for backing up my HDD and it works great. However going with a new mobo you might want to consider a fresh install. In the long run it will probably save you time.
  3. Capricorn

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    Hi Mr Dead, if you arte fitting a new hard drive it will normally come with software that makes the transfer of date from the old hard drive to the new one easy. Just a case of setting one as slave and one as master. I have tried Drive Image once, but it gave me an error message, and wiped my drive clean, leaving me with a message at startup saying 'You have no operating system' Fortunately I had also made a Ghost image using Norton Ghost 2002, and that let me restore my drive fine. Ever since I have only used Ghost, but to be fair I have heard good things about Drive Image.