Need Remote Assistance Qualified "XP"ert for fee, possible ongoing thing.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by shokan, Mar 16, 2002.

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    I am an aspiring 3D computer artist and have a system running XP Professional (as an upgrade from W2k Pro) with dual AMD 1.2 Mb each MP processors on a Tyan 2460 board, 512 memory, 20G HD, 3DLabs Wildcat II 5000 graphics board. Self-built, but pretty stupid about computers. I need assistance with some problems, maybe using Remote Assistance, for someone who'd like to try this.

    Here are my current issues, among many:

    *** Figure out how I can open up ZIP files. I need to install latest SiSoft Sandra standard to evaluate my system from a recently downloaded ZIP. At last stage of install from the ZIP wizard I get a message headed with "Windows can't open a 16-bit program" and goes on to say the path is incorrect. I sure would like to open dang ZIP files like other folks do. Some I have DO open though, which has got me stumped. I have two places, WINNT/prefetch and Windows/prefetch, with similar-type unopenable files in each and one is where the latest sandra.exe is.

    *** After the Sandra evaluation is done and looked over for the purpose of possibly determining why I have numerous problems with my system, I need someone to help me figure out why I cannot achieve normal broadband cable Internet speeds when any other machine on same connection with same card, same modem, gets great speeds of 200 kbs. Mine always gets 35-40kbs despite about 15 attempts by tech support to get my settings right.

    I also would really love to see this Remote Assistance thing being used to do the above. If you are interested in doing Remote Assistance for a fee, please be quite experienced. I would like to use your help using Remote Assistance on an ongoing basis when I get stuck, which could be often.

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    Rather then using Windows' built in .zip unpacker, get a commercial program like WinZip. They are much better and much more advacned.

    And for the cable modem, is it a direct connection, or are you using ICS, a router, or other form of internet sharing?

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    I use WinZip.

    Cable (no sharing)>>PipeRider Modem>> USB to motherboard =50 kbs speed. This was 35-40 kbs but I got an connection "optimizer" so now I have slightly improved but still very slow for cable.
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    you might want to connect the cable modem via ethernet instead of USB, it seems to cause speed problems for some people. and it also depends on what you are using to measure your bandwidth, are you using a site? a download meter?
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    I have tried two ethernet cards supplied by the cable company and three modems of different brands. Also USB. I have tried and other similar and all say between 30-50 kbs. 200 plus normal for cable. A 7 mb full install of Netscape 4.08 for example takes several minutes.
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    Well, either way, you're better off running your internet through ethernet rather than USB. Your slow networking may be attributable to too much extra crap installed, could just be the servers you're downloading from, etc. When you do this, you need to make sure your network card drivers are compatible with XP.

    As for unzipping files, go to and search for either "winace" or "winzip" and download either one. WinAce will handle zip, rar (somewhat popular) and ace (proprietary, not very popular, but used here and there, and a good compression algorithm) compressed file formats, amongst all the other standards. These will be trial versions, but you can purchase a license with them all relatively easily.

    If you really want to get into using remote assistance and such for this, feel free to e-mail me at and let me know, and I'll see what I can arrange. I'm going to my hometown for a surgery on Tuesday, but I'll have net access there, once I'm off the drugs and can look into helping ya from there.
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    Thanks. I did manage to open that ZIP file and I have an inkling of how I did it, but not quite sure. It's the paths issue, where to zip to... I discovered the place where that can be set in this type of ZIP file where a temp file is automatically set up and installation automatic. There are other ones where it clearly gives you the choice "zip to" such and such folder of your choice and you click setup. Those are easy.

    I tried downloading a Win2000-to-XP new driver for USB from Ericsson for the Pipe Rider cable modem, but their instructions depart from my interface at a crucial point (search for new driver)and I simply am not well enough versed in Windows to ad lib. In any case I will take the suggestion of sticking with the card and will also check to see it's compatibility with XP.

    I am open to Remote Assistance, but how can I test for damage to the registry etc?
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    I fyour truley having a lot of problems I would think about backing up inportant files and doing a clean install of WinXp...
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    I would if I could. I don't know how to do it. I have OEM Win2000 Professional CR-ROM upgraded to retail Win XP Professional CD-ROM. I tried putting in the 2000 CD but it was the install interface within Windows (not DOS type) and would not let me downgrade in any case. I don't know how to get to the DOS-type interface, and once there will it be obvious how to proceed? Someone said press Delete while booting up to get the correct install screen.