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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dayneh88, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. dayneh88

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    hey everybody,
    now, my aunty has sent me on a job for her, she is looking for a brand new hdd for her desktop computer. Last time she upgraded was like 10 years ago and now shes just got to much crap on the hdd and her system can't cope. She asked me to do her a favor and try and find her a new harddrive.

    She said that shes looking for a decent drive with about 40-60gig capacity. She has 196mb ram and her old hdd is about 5gig which is so shit and doesn't want to back everything up again she just wants to be able to transfer over by cable. I'm actually having Telstra Cable installed this week so i'm pretty busy with that but i have gone out of my way to help her, so if you guys could recommend some harddrives that you know of it would be a great help, and also, if the ones you suggest could be available in Melbourne, Australia it would another great help.

  2. Henyman

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    unless she's into saving big music/web files a 40gd hard drive should be ample,as for the make basically any will do,but maxtor are pretty good + not 2 expensive. if your palnning 2 put xp on the computer your goin 2 need @ least 256mb of ram.
  3. stuy_b

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    Yep, Maxtor or Seagate, both good manufacturers.
  4. dayneh88

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    great thankx alot guys,
    i was reading some of my computer mags and when i found the harddrives section i was mainly interested in maxtor and seagate ones they look stable and big and their not to expensive either, thankx, i think i will also tell her to get a memory upgrade aswell if she wants to put windows xp on her system. Once again, thankx alot guys,
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    A friend of mine has a Maxtor 40 gig, no problems at all, i have a Western Digital 40 gig, also no problems at all but it's a bit more expensive, mine has 5400 rpm which is good enough for storing data, if ure granny likes 2 play high speed games you'll need a 7200 rpm, they're a bit faster...
  6. dayneh88

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    umm no g-lizard i don't think she even knows how to play games yet alone multiplayer ones over the net
    thankx for the help though,
  7. Cosmin

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    if your palnning 2 put xp on the computer your goin 2 need @ least 256mb of ram. [/B][/QUOTE]

    I'm sure that will be ' no problemo ' with his pc for running XP
  8. Taurus

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    192mb of ram is enough for xp... as long as she won't have tons of background applications like virus scanners or want to play warcraft 3. }:>

    i'd recommend getting a 40gb 5400rpm harddrive. it'll be cheaper and quieter.
  9. Gouk

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    Western Digital drives a kewl.