need HP printer help!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by iForceTundra, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. iForceTundra

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    my friend just bought a brand spankin new compaq(p4 1.5 ghz, 512ram, blah blah,,) installed with XP Home Ed.

    and a brand new HP spc 750. the printer uses a USB cord to connect. And when i put it all together it reconizes that its a 750 then it pops up a screen saying driver invalid...

    i looked alll over the HP website and all it did was spin me in circles til i went crazy!!

    i tried using the CD and it installed and everything , the only problem is that it says something about corrupt files... and when i do get it installed i try to print out a test page and it tells me to add a printer. i try to add the 750 then everything starts all over again~!

    wat do i have to downlaod?

    wat do i have to change?

    and if u could send me a link..
  2. DrX

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    You have tried all the right things ...

    With some USB products you need to install the stuff from CD , then plug the device in... try that ...


    Try removing it complety from device manager , reboot then try install it again..


    Actually email the manufacturer
  3. allan

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    XP has problems with usb in general. If you can connect with to the parallel port you should be fine.
  4. engel59

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    Go to "" and click on the box that says "Can I use my hp product with Windows XP?". Maybe you can find the answer there. I have the HP P1100 PhotoSmart Printer and I downloaded my software from the site and installed it with no problems. Uninstall your printer software.
    Unplug your printer from the computer. Reboot the computer and install the printer software. My Printer Software told me when to connect up my USB cable to the computer. That was it. Everything works fine. Hope this helps.
  5. JuJuJoJo65

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    When you attempted to install the software off of the cd it should have told you that it was not compatible with XP. No drivers are available for any of the OfficeJet series printers from HP yet. If you did get it to install you need to REMOVE it. It has been known to cause issues if you get it to actually install and keep trying to use it. You have to use the default drivers that come with XP (just doing a straight plug and play without loading the cd). You will be able to print from Word, notepad, etc and to scan you can use the scanner/camera wizard. If you do a regular pnp and it doesn't find the new hardware then you need to make sure you have the current BIOS for your system. Oh, and yes I realize you said it is a new PC but that doesn't mean that it has the latest BIOS installed on it. Give this a shot and if it doesn't fix the problem I will continue to help if you would like. I am confident that it will correct it though, I do this every day unfortunately at work LOL.