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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dimoe, Dec 28, 2002.

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    Hey, I’m need to setup a network with 3 computers (wireless) and have a DSL internet connection to each of them.

    I have experience in setting up a similar network but non-wireless.

    How different is setting up a wireless and is there anything significantly different in the setup???

    btw: what wireless network card works best with a wireless linksys router?
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    well ive got a wireless setup and if your asking about cards get the wpc11 and the wdt11 cards thats what im using and they work great right out of the box and if your running xp on all the boxes it will set itself up usually if you have any problems let me know
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    Will this work?

    k, i'm thinking of going with these products:

    3-- Linksys Instant Wireless PCI Adapter (WDT11) $66 CDN
    3-- Linksys Instant Wireless PCI Card (WMP11) $99 CDN


    1-- Linksys Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router (BEFW11S4) $155 CDN

    Will this work? and whats the diff between the adapter(1st one) and the card(2nd one)?? cause they are both for desktop and both PCI cards.
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    See below... *edit*
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    Ok, HERE we go.

    They are both PCI cards, but they are not the same. Go for the WMP11, BTW.

    The WMP11 is an actual wireless PCI card.

    The WDT11 is just a wireless PCI card adapter and you have to already have the PCMCIA card to make it work.

    Here and here are the two models in question if you would like to see a picture and/or view the specs.

    Either way, go for the WMP11 unless you want to purchase a PCMCIA card on top of that.

    Thanks! :)
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    Re: Will this work?

    Oh, and on a final note, everything will work togeather. It's all 801.11b so no probs there. :blink:
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    thx Jmtyra

    thx for the info Jmtyra

    One last thing, is their anything significantly different I need to read up on about wireless networking that doesn't pose an issue with wired networking?

    Signal strength??? Frequency??? just some things that I thought of.

    I’ll deal with security later... I just want to get it working as soon as I have the equipment.

    thx for the help
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    Not really anything that you should be too worried about--especially if security is not high on your list. Right now wireless security is just as funny as saying Microsoft's honesty. ;) It does not exist. The frequency is automatically assigned, and the signal strength depends on length and interference--see below.

    Couple of pointers on the wireless though. As for length limitations, I don't know right now--you caught me headed back to bed but you can probably find that out off of

    Don't place the wireless router near any other electrical devices if you can help it. That will help to eliminate EMI/RMI from reducing your signal to/from the router. Sort of like the static you get on your cordless phone when you are close to the microwave, it's the same thing. Other then that, no. Linksys is real good about technical support, so if you get in a bind they will help out--toll free here in the US and maybe other places too.

    Of course, you always have your friends here at to help you out! :happy: :cool:

    PS-Don't know what OS ya got, but XP makes it a little easier to do the wireless thing. Cheers! :)
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    Oh, and Dimoe, nice sig BTW.

    G'nite everyone! ;)
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    Help, can't get DSL to work on router

    Hey, I got the wireless network up and running, i have tested with LAN games and share folders but I can't seem to get the DSL to work.

    I have never had DSL, only cable, so I must be doing something wrong. I have Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.

    After some reading, it seems that I have to do something with PPPoe and making it keep my connection alive by making it refresh my username and stuff every "20" sumthings???

    Do i need to forward any ports? Change some settting in router setup?? Please Help!
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    if u have cable, i would say its safe to ignore the things regarding DSL as they are actually different things. DSL usually comes over phone lines... cable comes over co-axial cable (tv line).

    thats how it usually is in UK... if anyone wants to say otherwise for elsewhere.