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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dep03, Jul 9, 2002.

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    Hey guys, lately I've noticed an extreme lag on my Windows Picture and Fax viewer. It is set as default for most of my picture types. One peculiar thing is that it only lags when I try to open up picture types on my C: drive. On my D: drive, there is more pictures but it loads at normal speed. I am wondering if there is a cache that I can flush out or anything to speed up picture viewing on my C: drive. It lags/delayed loadup time when I try to view even .GIF files of 3.42KB. The program loads up but the picture takes a while to load. I thought, "Oh maybe because theres a lot of big pictures in this directory/folder, thats whats causing the delayed load time. Its not the HDD speed either. My C: is 7200rpm and my D: is 5400rpm. So I don't see why D: would load any faster than C:. I'm on an Athlon T-Bird 1000mhz, 512mb SDRAM, and running WinXP. Any tips or something else that may be able to help me?
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    nope, i don't have an answer, but thought i'd hijack your thread (sorry).

    i too, have been experiencing strange lag on my system. internet runs fine, programs run fine, but when i right click on start and explore, it takes 5 seconds for my drive list to show on the left. normally, this is instananeous.

    and yes, i've cleaned out my cookies, dumped my temp. internet files and defragged all 4 drives.

    anyone know what the prob might be?
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    I had same problems

    I was literally waiting like 2 minutes for pictures to open up... I got several different cache cleaners from (i only included the link cuz it is a free site) I am not sure which one worked, but I am pretty sure it was "System Mechanic" that cleaned it out.. good luck, i noticed this thread was old, but figured someone may need it down the line. My pics now pop up better than ever.. Good Luck
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    if you really want to try a great system cleaner try crap cleaner

    one of the best free cleaners I have ever used...and I have used almost everything out there especially from