need help with windows color scheme

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    I do NOT like the default white of the window TEXT area
    so I go do the normal RtClk Desktop/Properties/Appearance/Advanced and change the color of the "window' area to medium grey

    works great 95% of the time
    but when I want to preview an embedded image in a Word Document
    (that I have 'fade to white' in PhotoShop, I cannot test it
    (because even the preview shows the screen in grey)
    unless I go back to desktop and "undo" my tweaks - just for the preview

    how can I simplify my life?
    is there a setting in word 2003 I cannot find to temp over ride my page color?
    or some other elegant solution?


    silly me
    used Google (word 2003 page color)
    found the answer !
    format/background/select color ! :)

    found extra trick
    after you set background color to white to check your embedded graphics
    a simple ^z returns the background to its original shade :cool:
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    well now - maybe you should rep yourself for finding the answer!

    Ah well - you can't - so I have!

    Oh I love teh powers!