Need help with SP1 for Office XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dmitri, Aug 18, 2002.

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    soemeone wrote this months ago, it works..follow it carefully:
    Follow all of these instructions to the letter and you can apply SP1.

    If you tried to apply the Office XP SP1 patch to your copy of the Corporate version and keep getting an error message like "Error applying patch to C:\config.msi\PT121A.tmp" here is what you need to do to successfully apply the patch.

    NOTE: I assume your boot drive is C:. Change drive letter if necessary.

    First of all you need to download this file:

    NOT OXPSP1.EXE !!!!!!!!!!!!! You need the Administrative version of the patch.

    1. Put your Office XP cd in your cd-rom drive

    2. Click start

    3. Click Run

    4. Type "D:setup /a" (This will install a VALID ADMINISTRATIVE POINT INSTALLATION)
    I assume your CD-ROM is D:. If not use the correct CD-ROM drive letter.

    5. Specify the Organization/CD-Key/And location (make location C:Office)

    6. Let it install

    7. Extract the oxpsp1a.exe to (C:adminupdate)

    8. Click Start

    9. Click Run

    10. Type "msiexec /p C:\adminupdate\MAINSP1_Admin.msp /a C:\Office\proplus.msi"

    11. DON'T specify Organization/CD-Key/ or change the location

    12. Let it install

    13. Click Start

    14. Click Run

    15. Type "msiexec /p C:\adminupdate\OWC10SP1_Admin.msp /a C:\Office\owc10.msi"

    16. DON'T specify Organization/CD-Key/ or change the location

    17. Let it install

    18. Click Start

    19. Click Run

    20. Type "msiexec /i C:\Office\proplus.msi REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus"

    21. YOU SHOULD HAVE OFFICE XP SP-1! V.10.3416.3501

    22. You may delete the C:adminupdate and C:Office directory now...

    23. I made a back-up of the C:Office before deleting!
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    by the way, SP2 is coming this month, why do you want to apply SP1? or why did you download it eh?
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    actually SP2 is out but not in english the last time I checked
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    Question is why I would apply SP1 or SP2 if original version works without single glitch.
    I guess it's just an expectation.
    Thanks everybody for such a fast respond.
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    Easy answer to your problem. BUY THE LEGAL COPY !!
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    What a good advice.

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    Damn! I knew I should not have thrown out my tape player from the commodore 64. :mad: