need help with school work :( lol

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by forcer, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. forcer

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    i am doing an assignment that has to be in tomorrow. i got to part 2 and i dont get it all.

    the lesson is business studies

    2. Define the characteristics of organisations using at least one organisation as an example.

    what are characteristics?

    any1 know anything about this stuff ifso can you tell me what characterisitcs are and some examples and what businesses would be good to go off!

  2. meisme

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    Personal Liability of Owners: Unlimited
    Federal Income Tax Treatment: Single level of taxation
    Permitted Number of Owners: One
    Permitted Types of Owners: Individual
    Permitted Classes of Ownership Interests: N/A

    Duration of Entity: Limited
    Special Allocation of Tax Items: N/A

    Centralized Management: N/A
    Transferability of Interests: N/A
    Necessary Documentation: Minimal
    Regulation of Issue and Sale of Interests: N/A

    Thats should be easy enough.
  3. forcer

    forcer OSNN Senior Addict

    that didnt help at all lmao, thanx anyway i dont undertand it
  4. meisme

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    Do you want it in essay form. I thought it would be eaiser to list.
  5. forcer

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    no its ok, i just didnt really understand what you wrote... but thanx for posting :)
  6. rushm001

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    I take it you must be talking about a sole trader (ie unlimited liability)
    I suppose an example would be your local window cleaner, although the ways things are going at the moment here in Britain he has probably incorporated for tax reasons!;)
  7. meisme

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    Yes, I forgot to mention that it was a sole trader.
  8. coathanger007

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    You wanna know the Aussie system?
  9. Sazar

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    what grade level is this for ? might make it easier to give information if we know the target...
  10. Henyman

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    they are looking for you to list general properties of a busness + give an example, it's a bit of a broad question reeally..................