need help with recognizing c drive from boot disk in win xp

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Robert Pearce, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. I need help please
    i recently installed Windows XP pro and when i make a system disk and boot with it to an A: prompt thats as far as i can go when i try to go to the C: drive or D: drive it says incorrect drive
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    Drives that are formatted as NTFS can not be accessed from pure DOS. That is why you can't access them.
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    Welcome to the forums Robert. XP does not use win9x boot disks. The easiest way is to insert the xp cd & boot up. If you want to get to a prompt window try safe mode.
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    If you are just looking to read the drive, you can download NTFS4DOS from NTFS4DOS is just what it sounds like. It lets you boot to a disk and read an NTFS partition. If you want to write to it, you have to purchase a product that will do that. Winternals does make NTFS4DOS Pro, but it's expensive.

    Other than that the other guys are correct. You can't read it from a regular boot disk. It's a security feature of NTFS. Only thing you can do is repartition it as a FAT volume if you want to boot to it. That destroys the data, of course, but it gives you a DOS bootable volume.