Need Help with MSI mobo....please

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Arcticcat4Us, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Arcticcat4Us

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    i've run si-soft sandra benchmarks and my memory bandwith results
    score really low in comparison to the other three. there an optimal bios setup that would result in better preformance.
    I built this comp. from scratch and got it working just i want to tweak it out for max performance.
    I'd really like a hand at tuning this sucker up.

    GamersHQ » Products » ORB » Project Details

    YOUR 3DMARK2001





    2002-03-22 Published

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
    DirectX Version 8.1

    Mobo Manufacturer MSI
    Mobo Model MS-6380
    AGP Rates (Current/Available) 4x / 1x 2x 4x

    CPU AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 1400 MHz
    FSB 133 MHz
    Memory 768 MB

    Graphics Chipset ATI RADEON DDR
    Driver Name RADEON 7200
    Driver Version
    Video Memory 64 MB

    Program Version 3DMark2001 SE
    Resolution 1024x768 32bit
    Texture Format Compressed
    FSAA Disabled
    Z-Buffer Depth 24bit
    Frame Buffer Double
    Rendering Pipeline D3D Hardware T&L

    3DMark Score 3621 3D marks

    Game 1 Car Chase - Low Detail 59.4 FPS
    Game 1 Car Chase - High Detail 27.8 FPS
    Game 2 Dragothic - Low Detail 56.2 FPS
    Game 2 Dragothic - High Detail 31.7 FPS
    Game 3 Lobby - Low Detail 64.6 FPS
    Game 3 Lobby - High Detail 31.6 FPS
    Game 4 Nature No hardware support

    Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 272.2 MTexels/s
    Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 802.5 MTexels/s

    High Polygon Count (1 light) 8.4 MTriangels/s
    High Polygon Count (8 lights) 2.8 MTriangels/s

    Environment Bump Mapping 77.5 FPS
    DOT3 Bump Mapping 49.4 FPS

    Vertex Shader 35.5 FPS
    Pixel Shader No hardware support
    Advanced Pixel Shader No hardware support
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    Here we go again...

    I had three MSI boards eac one had problems,,, No post,,, burt fan header,,, low benchmarks and no fsb over 112mhz...

    My Turbo2 memory scores was almost 300 lower than my old Giga-Byte 7zx with a kt133 chipset...

    From reviews I've read,,, MSI's are more stable than "Quick"...